Biography & Tapestry of Life

Lucy Hinton Biography

Lucy on outskirts of Chagford, Devon, UK, 2013

An effective and heartfelt communicator of both concepts and feelings, Lucy is a natural bridge-maker, and applies her skills in various contexts from reflective facilitation and written expression to undertaking research, and helping groups identify and express the essence of what they are about. Inextricably engaged with the state of the world, Lucy has a degree in Natural Sciences (Ecology) from the University of Cambridge, taught Earth Education from a young age, co-pioneered creative projects for social change, worked in local, national & international sustainable development and has traveled and worked widely, from Death Valley to Honduras, Sumatra to Outer Mongolia. It was in South Africa that Lucy undertook her first adult solo wilderness vigil, and this ignited a seed in her that became an irresistible path of vocation.

She is an incorrigible explorer of the unknown and of the art of relationship - with the land, with people & culture, with mystery, with living-and-dying, and with that intangible uncompromising thing we may venture to call soul. At different stages of life severe ill-health (resulting from a genetic connective tissue disorder) combined with compound-crises forced an ordeal of survival, questioning, searching and change, and she brings to wilderness process work a deep aspiration to marry the needs of the world with those of the Self... and a respect for engaging with mystery on mystery’s terms.

Lucy has made numerous inadvertent forays into the borderlands of mortality, society and psyche that have served to deepen an empathy, compassion and respect for the formidable reaches of (human) nature/experience, yet she retains a playful spirit. She has trained-in and led wilderness rites of passage work for over fifteen years, founded largely upon the system taught by the School of Lost Borders, and continues to learn alongside various teachers and contemporaries from different lineages, also studying and taking inspiration from a range of authors who draw on the interrelated strands of mythology, psychology, culture, cosmology, wilderness and soul. She is interested in developing ways of incorporating land-based wisdom traditions into contemporary culture, perceiving a need to unite the unleashing of individual expression with the glue of cultural belonging. Lucy also has a lifelong relationship with creating art. She has a deep love of both people and the land.

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