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Plant a Wildwood

Epona is a place - 24 acres of beautiful land near Chagford, Devon. It is owned & stewarded by Regenco, a small non-profit organisation committed to furthering the regeneration and reintegration of land, people and spirit. Regenco is made up of a community of people, some living close by to Epona who have close contact with the land, and others who live further afield bringing skills, stories and perspective from their lives and travels. It is suggested there can be no worse fate than to be cut off from the Earth, and it is clear to us that we need to work with the regenerative powers of nature rather than against them, and to learn more about the active practices of belonging. We passionately work to involve others, and to incorporate the growth of food, trees, happy farm animals, meadowland, harvest, wildlife, and to support the growth of people. We are on a learning-journey looking for new and old ways that bring out the best in life for all. It takes time and patience.

See below to meet some of the characters of Epona, including Jeremy Thres, the Loram family (Charlie, Tor, Ollie & Willow Loram), Emma Trayfoot, Lucy Hinton, Alex Hampson, Fynn, Geeta, Ishka, Wilf, Oshen, Hen, Yarrow, Colin, Iris the sheep, Brazen & Raisin the chickens, and many wild wood trees, young and old.

Activities on the land currently include:

- Apple harvest

- Free-range chicken farming for eggs

- Sheep-rearing including for wool, milk and meat

- Natural wool-dying, spinning & sale

- Vegetable growing

- Forest kitchen

- Blackberry harvest

- Water filtering

- Tree-planting - see 'Plant a Wildwood'

- Earth education for children - 'Wildwoods and Willow'

- Wilderness processes for transformation, education, growth

and healing, including: 'Land Time', 'Wilderness Quest',

'The Conscious Practice of Living and Dying', Tightening the

Bow', Poetry Days, Community Art & Ceremony, 'Wildcraft',

Quest Guide Training, and more.

Farming methods are organic and low-tech. Trees are mulched with organic hay, and animals are treated naturally.