Past Events

22nd-25th May 2009 - Tightening the Bow,

Devon. With Emma Trayfoot, Jeremy Thres, Lucy Hinton and Sam Collins. £250


7-12th August 2009 - Land Time

An experiential course to support the integration of Land, People and Spirit, at Epona, Devon.

An invitation for adults, particularly young and aspiring adults to come and join us on our first ever “LandTime” LandTime is a modern version of an ancient practice, an opportunity to take time out living close to the Land in community with peers and support of experienced others. It offers a chance to share, explore and learn practical skills, not just towards healthy relationship to the Land, but also to ourselves and each other. Nick Clements, Jeremy Thres & team.

Jeremy Thres. 01647 221 444. Email


22nd August 2009, 12pm-8pm - 'A Day in the Treetops', Regents Park, London

An exploratory afternoon at The Treehouse Gallery, Regents Park, London.

Wild Wisdom Workshop: An exploration into the symbolic language of personal experience including a reflected divination walk in Nature. Facilitated by Colin Campbell Colin Campbell and Lucy Hinton.

Feast of Strangers, with Theodore Zeldin and interesting others: Reviving the art of conversation over a giant outdoor tree table, good food and a menu of questions. Zeldin is author of Conversation: How Talk Can Change Our Lives, and President of the Oxford Muse Foundation - see BBC article for info on his 'Birthday of Strangers'.

The Day in the Treetops is offered by Limina (working title), a new social enterprise who's aim is to support a growing network of organisations and individuals working to build sustainable communities by providing access to wild & rural spaces, learning journeys, events and city workshops.


Last week of August 2009 - Wilderness Solo Quest

Devon. With Jeremy Thres and Lucy Hinton. £400 - £800


18-23rd September - The Conscious Practice of Living & Dying

Devon. With Jeremy Thres and Lucy Hinton

Like Nature we have our Seasons. Without Winter there can be no Spring. Drawing on rites of passage and other natural wisdom, this practice supports us more fully into life, whatever our span. Lucy Hinton & Jeremy Thres

“If you don’t know how to die, you don’t know how to live. Learning to die is a very

wonderful practice for learning how to be alive.” Thich Naht Hahn

“Truly amazing. The strong holding enabled me to look with new insight to the past and an eye to the future and most of all to appreciate what it is to be really alive!”

“Very helpful, no doubt about that.” - previous participants


Dates tbc - 2009 - Fire and Ice ~ The Experience of Liminal Wilderness as the font of Authentic Emergence

London. With Lucy Hinton and Colin Campbell



May 2008 - The Fertile Void, Powdermill Woods, East Sussex. With Lucy Hinton and Sarah Howes. £150 - £250

12-18th Sept 2008 - Wilderness Solo Quest, Devon. With Jeremy Thres and Lucy Hinton. £300 - £800

23rd-27th Sept 2008 - The Fertile Void, 'Riding on the Back of the White Mare', The White Horse, Uffington.

With Lucy Hinton and Sarah Howes. £150 - £250

16th-21st Oct 2008 - The Conscious Practice of Living & Dying, Dartmoor, Devon. With Jeremy Thres Lucy Hinton. £300

15th Nov 2008 - Tree planting/care day at Epona, Devon. With the Epona Team. Free/donation to attend. £10 per tree.


June 26-28th, 2009: The Path to the Beloved - weekend workshop with international wilderness guide and author, Trebbe Johnson, in London, UK.

Trebbe Johnson is the author of The World is a Waiting Lover: Desire and the Quest for the Beloved and the director of Vision Arrow, offering programs worldwide that combine the mythic quest, the personal search for meaning, and the discovery of wisdom and insight through nature.

"The Path to the Beloved" workshop will guide you to joyful transformation and soulful action that will embolden you, allure you, and point you in the direction that's already calling from deep within you."

Dates: Friday 26th June 7.30 - 9.30pm. Sat 27th June 10am - 5pm. Sun 28th June 10am - 3pm.

Cost: £225 for weekend (excluding accommodation and meals)

Location: Central London


Eugene (UK):

Eugene phone: +44 (0)7915 054 376


June 1st - 6th 2009: CIRCLING THE WHEEL. Meredith Little Foster with Chris Willton and Sue Sully

Powdermill Woods, Battle, East Sussex,TN33 0SU.

£295 course fees and lunch. Breakfast and dinner are not provided.

Camping is £5 per night extra (£30 for course). Payment needs to made by 1st May 2009.

This workshop is for those who work to help others in rebuilding their connection to the living world with which we have evolved, and who would like to deepen their experience and understanding, both of themselves and this way of working. This workshop is also for those who

help others deal with the consequences of their violent disconnection from the natural world with everything that that means about how we live and die in it. This can be people who work in the Wilderness Guide/Rites of Passage field, in Health and Social care and therapists.

Meredith Little, co-founder of the School of Lost Borders and internationally acclaimed author and guide, will be working with Sue Sully and Chris Willton, to experientially explore a range of themes in wilderness guide work, each theme reflecting one of the fours shields in sequence. These will be:

The Four Shields (basic orientation in the south)

Rites of Passage as Dying Practice, (west)

Self Generated Ceremony (north)

Council of Mirroring and /Witnessing (east)

Contact Sue Sully of Threshold to Connection on

And see the attachment below.


April 14th - 20th, 2009: The 4th International Gathering of Wilderness Guides, Southeastern Arizona. The next stage of the Earthlink Search Party process, of which I am a part. This Gathering of guides and wilderness professionals fosters community and deepens commitment regarding wilderness landscapes, and our work within them.


March 27 - 29th 2009: Hazel Hill Forest Festival, Seven miles from Salisbury, Wiltshire, Cost: £175, including all meals, organic food, warm accommodation/camping and all events, workshops & entertainment. Inquire for day-rates & directions. A one-off and fantastically special collection of wilderness, myth, poetry, shamanism, music, wildcraft, self-expansive, enlightening and otherwise unclassifiable workshops, talks, experiences & performances, led by artists, guides and unforgettably eloquent salts-of-the-earth of world-class calibre. Together with friendly fun, woodsmoke, food and soul-stirring heartiness. A really special one not to be missed. See the full flier attached below; you won't be able to resist.

Places are limited for this already popular one-off event so if you'd like to come please be in touch swiftly - for more info and a booking form contact Rhona Kirkwood at, tel 0208 399 4038

( feel free to contact me for more info about similar events, workshops and programmes coming up in the future)