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Some of my creations can be found for sale in my Etsy shop; The Fireside Studio

Below is a slideshow to browse through, showing a selection of Lucy's creations and wares.

If there is something here that you like but can't currently find in the Etsy store, please feel welcome to message me.

(** all illustrations are subject to copyright to Lucy Hinton)

Lucy's Fireside Cards

Shop Intro:

"Welcome to my shop - The Fireside Studio. Feel free to skip this background info and go straight to the products if you wish. However if you'd like to learn some more of the person and the story behind the work, please read on...

For me the fireside is a powerful place - a restorer of sanity, a symbol of home, gathering, solace and belonging... a real good place. I have always loved the language of imagery, and the interplay between words and pictures. I am inspired by a deep love of both people and nature (and people as nature, and nature as people), and the mystery that enfolds us. I am especially moved to discover ways to bring beauty and solace into times of suffering. I have been creating home-made books blending artwork and written expression since I was a child. I have numerous visions I am in the process of creating to offer for sale here, please come back and check for more items as they become available.

For now I will start with cards. I have always had a great fondness for cards - I used to spend much of my pocket money on ones I would either give away, or else display on my wall, each one stirring a poignant sense of recognition or inspiration in me.

As it happens I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder that means my body is built from a different material structure than most people. This creates no end of troubles - in all aspects of my body, from nerves and blood vessels to bones, organs, muscles and tendons. I am possibly better designed for a planet with slightly less gravity! For a long time I was undiagnosed, house-bound, wheelchair-bound, in pain, and for periods lost use of both arms and legs - and the condition is currently classified as incurable. I discovered a little-known treatment, albeit excruciatingly painful, that gradually got my hypermobile spine tightened up enough to tentatively walk again.

I have a naturally adventurous spirit, and formerly have traveled widely and pioneered much - from teaching the descendants of pirates for a year on a remote island off the coast of Honduras, leading a scientific expedition in the cloud forests of Ecuador, clearing a giant bramble forest in Andalucian mountains with a sickle while being mentored by a ferocious female black-belt, to seeking a cure with my brother in the farthest reaches of Outer Mongolia. I hope I will always have my spirit, and yet along the way have had to find ways of living life's adventure that can also be fulfilled at home by the fireside (and within the interior, rhythms and intimacies of the human experience)... There is sadness in this, and yet also a deep and enriching font of beauty and temperance... And, who knows what may come to be.

These experiences have given me particular compassion and insight into the terrain of the mythic and lived-experience of 'the Underworld,' and into the terrain of the soul... Including 'Dark nights of the soul', which really can have their beauty, vitality and worth. By necessity, I have learned too of some of the 'Great Medicines' that have helped me along the way - 'medicines' I feel moved to share here with others who may also benefit from them. Kindness has shown itself to be among the greatest of gifts. Because of this, one theme you may notice in my work, is tonic for the suffering.

Another significant vocational thread in my life is 'wilderness rites of passage'. I guess you could say it started as a young child when I would spend every opportunity playing outside. I was also fortunate to attend some truly magical "Earth Education" camps for youngsters, and I was a very active member of the Junior Branch of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation. For the past 15 years and counting, each year that I am able, I go to the relative wilds, and together with colleagues support individuals to undertake intentional solo time on the land. Through this I am grateful to have witnessed so much humble heroism in the human, and so much mythic aliveness in nature - the 'Greater Self'.

How much more we are, when we let down our walls... How much sanity is found, when knowledge comes round full-circle, like an ouroborous, and meets a well-earned innocence... How deeply we need relationship with personal integrity, soul, witness, and our most ancient circumference - the vastness and genius of nature herself. And of course, laughter and play. In simple terms, I see over and again the magnificent yet oft overlooked heroism in ordinary people, in their/our fighting of the Good Fight - in the natural longing to serve both Self and World all at once. How wisdom often paradoxically involves an ongoing dialogue with mystery. How imagination is a river of language in its own right - like the renowned knotwork that flows through Celtic designs. And how pretty much everything that matters most, can be found within the simple things. Love, above all. I am struck over and again by how vitally nourishing is the simple medicine of honest story... You may recognise tones of these reflections in my work, indeed you will find that each image has a true story of its own.

I strive to make my work ecologically gentle and sustainable in every way I can make it so - this is an ongoing process. For example I am experimenting with the best ways of ensuring I am using as little as possible that isn’t biodegradable: where clear protective sleeves are required I am using clear biodegradable sleeves made of corn starch. Where stickers are required I am using kraft stickers made of recycled paper. Where a gift box is required I am using a card box template that I construct using no glue or tape (it is also reusable). Handmade labels are by me using non-toxic ink, recycled cotton rag paper and watercolour paint. Envelopes are made from recycled kraft paper. I plan to try making my own glue from flour, and I have not yet found a substitute for the mighty duct tape...

My cards and other items are made using reproductions of my original paintings, sketches, photographs and digital illustrations. They are currently printed in very small print runs through a UK printing company, as I let them out into the world for the first time. Welcome to the fireside."