Alchemy for the Soul

Alchemy for the Soul

~ by Tommy Crawford, March 2017

written inspired by this Cornwall view:

In times of haste.

Of hurry and hassle.

When you feel besieged

From all sides,

I beg you,

I implore you,

Slow down.

Take off your armour.

Place your sword

And shield

On the ground

And sit.

Just sit.

Watch, as your soul

Finally unburdened

Stretches outwards

Across the crashing waves

And upwards,

Dancing among the angels

That will soon guard

The spot where you fall.

To be human

Is to turn your face

To all that wishes

To reveal itself in you.

To be human

Is to let your heart

journey from stone,

To flesh, to dust.

So that when you rejoin

The Great Song

You bring stories of love

And loss, so pure,

So heartbreakingly true,

That even the angels weep,

And from their tears

New oceans are birthed

To thunderous applause.