A Doodle at the Edge

A Doodle at the Edge

Another meeting, another agenda, another

list of buzz-words, initials and initiatives.

PSU is entering Phase Three

while the CDR wants G2 to go to Level Five.

If we go the full nine yards on this one;

If we get pro-active, get out of the box, get

Our teams together and on the same hymn-sheet;

If we hit the ground running, if we downsize HR,

If we get the money onboard, and our asses into gear,

Then we can change something, make a difference,

Change what the other guys changed last week.

Meanwhile the god has left the garden,

The muse lies minimised in the corner of our screens.

Not dead, not buried, but ignored and unseen,

Like a doodle at the edge of an action plan.

Me? I say make a sacrifice to the doodle;

pick some flowers, speak a poem, feed a tiny muse.

Draw, paint, sing or dance, and you’ll bring the gods

back into the board room; the laughing , smiling,

weeping gods of the night-time and the wild.

By William Ayot

Doodle by Zena C