Knowing by Living and not by Looking

(This has long been an influential piece for me. I empathise with it to the core.)

"He knew the truth of this destiny only in fragments that twirled in his mind like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle floating in a pool: the elk with its flaming antlers, the walk through the desert along the invisible river, the rock paintings, both the ones in the roofless cave and the one that hung on Julia's bedroom wall, the story of the kudu and the skeleton of the whale and the old lion staring with its firelit mirror eyes. All these images he knew to be connected and sometimes, in moments of calm, on the edge of his vision, the pieces of the puzzle seemed to float so closely together that he thought he was about to see the whole picture and at last to understand. But when he looked directly at it the pieces would twirl again and quickly drift apart. And he soon came to realise that whatever the truth might be, it was not a thing of mind but of being and that he would know it by living and not by looking."

- Connor in The Smoke Jumper, by Nicholas Evans