Pictures From Then

Pictures from Then

- by Colin Campbell, 2014

Those echoes


Somewhere beyond the edge of now

Sometimes gentle

Edging tentatively towards awareness

Soft brushing my thoughts

The sounds of drifting images

Faded colours

Whispers barely seen

Return along the road

To where?

An almost forgotten place

We were Left behind there

They are so familiar

Yet of another time


I can hardly see myself

Who was that then?


You were there too

There with me

And who are you now?

And then

Back in yellowed times

Craning to see forward

We are left there


In what will be the old time one day

We reach forward to the future

Our voices calling out

Calling out from then

And up ahead,

Will we wait for us

from here call back

Reassuring though saddened

Such distance between

Can we ever leave that faded place

Hurry forward

Find the hand of now

Grasp it

Be remembered once more

Held and reassured