Jung, Images - Sea, Unconscious

- picture by Michael Cargill based on Jung's writings

The self is not only the centre, but also the circumference that encloses consciousness and the unconscious; it is the centre of this totality, as the ego is the centre of consciousness.(1935) [fromhttp://www.cgjung.com/cgjung/articles/hdself3.html]

C. G. Jung - from The Red Book, by Noc Secunda

"I accepted the chaos, and in the following night, my soul approached me."

The archetype of wholeness and the regulating center of the psyche.

It is commonly symbolized by a mandala or a paradoxical union of opposites.

The Self is experienced as anuminous, transpersonal power which transcends and overrides the ego.

Empirically it is indistinguishable from the image of God.

(from The Self According to Carl Jung, by Dr Lee Gillis)