Surrender/Acceptance vs Hope

Surrender/Acceptance vs Hope

Grey's Anatomy, Season 6, Episode 18

A woman is in the final stages of dying of cancer, and has chosen assisted suicide. Her husband stands beside her while a doctor passionately challenges her decision.

Doctor Hunt - "I have just one question. What if they find a cure?! I know it's a long shot but isn't saving your life worth gambling on a long shot?

Dr Altman - "Dr Hunt I will call security if you do not step..."

Husband - "Let her answer. I'd like to hear the answer..."

Cancer Patient - "Maybe you have to be dying to understand. But there's this thing that happens, where death stops being scary. What starts being scary is hope; 'cause it's not true. Even if they found a cure for cancer tomorrow, it's too late for me. And hanging on to hope, it may make you feel better, but it just makes me feel alone. I don't want to die alone."