Banks of Resistance

Banks of Resistance

- by Lucy Hinton

Help me cast aside fears

along with my old clothes

upon the Banks of Resistance

The words 'I love you'

arise again and again

from a well of mysterious truth

within and beneath me

Or at least,

beneath the layers of me

I can define or see

I am at once distinct and malleable

ancient and virgin

speechless and translucent

I wonder if perhaps a caterpillar feels such a sound

in the bowels of its belly

when the time comes

to die to itself

in order to fulfil

its possible destiny

Pulled by a memory

of its future self

to realms not yet understood

and yet, so

achingly familiar

...There is surely death

in change

and change in love

and with these, fear and trepidation too

So let me hold your hand

and follow the call

to go with you

into that which I most fear

and yearn for

and cherish

in all my life