Clothes of Flesh

Clothes of Flesh

by Lucy Hinton, October 2010

Dear One, this is it, your moment,

Your time to don your mortal cloak

And live

Like angels only dream of

Your time to drink the world in

And savour its grand taste

On those quivering perfect lips

You are young, no matter how old you are,

You are young -

The child of infinite grandmothers

On clear nights when the past draws closer

And the air grows harsh and chill

You may just see their faded trail

Spiraling back through space

And time, on a galaxy's tail

To the place where we began

This, Strange Spirit

Is the time to strut in your clothes of flesh

And know what it is to breathe

For though you may have forgotten it

You are born of the longing

Of the first idea, the first seedpod

That burst open

Into a million myriad shapes

And blossoming monsters

It is time to revel in the welcome weight

Of your bones, and the burden

Of body and blood and belonging

To marvel at your many leafy, crawling and finned relations

And feel mortal life coursing through

Every sinew, smile and salty stinging tear

To know joy, until it hurts

And harshness until it strips

The world of its many masks, revealing its simple beauty beneath

It is time to live large

As large as you truly are

When you sing with the valley of stars

Yes the day will come soon enough

When you must leave behind

Your garments and strip naked

Again. Returning to the unknown

From whence you came

...There is all eternity to be a Spirit

But today, marvelous day, you are Human:

This is it, Your Time

Galaxy Wading by Kenneth Callicut