Finding The Way

Finding the Way

- by Lucy Hinton

Humility has a place here

You can only know the paths you’ve taken

and wonder upon the destiny of untrodden trails

Always learning

to read the vastness of everything in the hidden depths of the anything

Siddhartha by the rippling forest river

caught more than fish

The path we have beaten of late

is not one for the fainthearted

it turns out to be strewn with stinging nettles, bramble thickets,

sheer & slippery rock walls,

dizzyingly steep drops, hard decisions, cold desert-scapes and army ants

Surrounded by pointing fingers, and the soil drenched with good people’s anguished tears

Perhaps some paths are left un-trodden for good reason…

Honour is a complicated business

Noble truths each stand not in isolation

ruling their own impenetrable kingdoms like the stone-carved icons of volcanic islands,

but in sincere dialogue, like voices spoken in a council of elders

Honesty takes time to know itself, and to ripen into fullness

Finding itself within and between us

Until the path and the walker become one

And this Way is the only way it can be