Solar System Life

Solar System Life


by Lucy Hinton

Don’t strike yourself if the world disappoints you

For you are the centre and everything else

Is potential life, time, experience

You are the sun and you light your solar system life

The colour you like it

You are your master

Travelling faster than you thought you knew how

The past is what made you, the future is hope

But speed changes rhythms to beat only now

Music without time plays in my head

Like a point second dot,

Distant but moving yet still as the present

Echoing – off mood created boundaries

Pulsing incessantly with the energy

Of my brain like the beat of my heart

Keeping me sane,

Living my world, I will keep burning

Continue my learning

The pain and the joy making me grow

Farther and closer to where I will know

And when I get there my musical dot will disperse

And the concentrated energy and pain will die

And when that happens so will I

And all you’ll see of me will be my solar system life

Still glittering in the sky