The Desert is Full with Silence

The Desert is Full with Silence

- Death Valley, March 2008

- by Lucy Hinton

The Desert hums

with the perfect silence

of Oneness

Primordial shells of oceanic life-forms

lining the valley walls

Mountain petroglyphs

Telling the story

Of Earth’s Beginning

Death’s clear emptiness

has no disguises

to conceal any lies

This place is a chalice

of infinite reflection

Everyone here

surrenders to the Sun

the Stars, the Wholy One

Even the rocks break open

their hearts and their skins

As though to breath it all in

and sing

Night’s crisp chill

is ruthless & generous as Day

The darker it gets,

the farther I see

Until stars come so close

I may drink them & dream them

down into me

The vaster the emptiness

the closer my intimacy

with all the intertwining

seeking strands

of mystery

There is no veil here

Not a single TV screen, Billboard, Advert or Tie

no song louder than

the Silence of the Sky

No loop hole for the desperate running hurting soul

Just ruthless repeated heating and beating

until I surrender

to what I was looking for

all along

The silence inside

of eternal song

and that which makes me whole


The silence inside

of Eternal Song

and the knowledge

that I Belong


‘The desert is the greatest teacher I have had. I have returned faced with the truth that knowing ourselves is an intensely difficult thing to do because we always seek our reflection in others. But the desert is a clear, almost unblemished mirror. In the desert, I realised I could not go on making excuses and I realised how I had embedded these excuses in the fabric – in the very pattern – of my existence.’ - Peter Owen Jones, TV vicar, 'extreme pilgrim'