The Shell

The Shell

October 2011, by Lucy Hinton.

He combed the beaches

with his brother and sister

looking for the magic shells

rare white glistening ones

all peculiar and scarce

like diamonds of the sea

Over the hours the other children collected a small bounty

they seemed to have a knack for it

their bundles swelling and spilling with treasure

And yet he could not find

a single one.

His frustration grew

and eventually,

turned inward.

But destiny has a way of crafting

each person according to their own form

For at the very last minute,

when the search was almost over,

something happened -

a small miracle

a gift from the gods...

There it was

A glistening white jewel-shell

shining and winking

right at him!

Perfect and pure

it held his secrets

its small face reflecting

the essence of his own

But he felt hurt by the gods

for making his search so hard

and for granting him only one

So he took the gift

he had striven for with all his heart

and that was, in some strange way

a piece of himself

And threw it back

into the ocean