The Fireside Studio Etsy Shop - Lucy's shop , offering prints, cards, gifts and other items from original artworks

Regenco - Devon-based organisation (of which Lucy is a core member) committed to furthering the regeneration and reintegration of Land, People and Spirit

Epona - a place to grow ~ a very special area of land on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon, belonging to Regenco.

The Wisdom in Nature Network - A directory of Rites of Passage, Wilderness Quest Guides & Soul in Nature practitioners in the UK and beyond within Europe, for whom English is the common language.

School of Lost Borders US-based organisation that pioneered contemporary rites of passage, including the system of working in which Lucy has been trained

The Hub London & Global Network a fast-growing movement seeded back in 2001-2003 from World Voices

Earthlink Search Project - a radical experiment with serious heart - a wild courageous journey involving a pioneering group of international wilderness guides. A film is currently in production about our remarkable story.

Limina - Creating transition spaces and events between wild nature and urban culture

Schumacher College